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Over 27 Years of Experience ..

Doğaner Otomotiv San. A.Ş is a leading sales and distributorship organization that supplies car care products, accessory, cleaning products, cosmetics  and other needs with hygen system products by offering them in right time and right place with continously quality, service, respected, principed and success oriented. 

Doğaner Otomotiv San. A.Ş has been founded by Ali Ertürk and Zülfü Ertürk in 1992 as a group company of Ertürk Ticaret A.Ş which has been founded by Doğan Ertürk in 1953

Doğaner Otomotiv San. A.Ş. has been continously growing  and protecting  its leadership in the market with Hygen Systems, Car Care products, Accessories, Cleaning products, Cosmetics, Industrial Chemicals, Fragnances and other products with its strong distributorship fleet by servicing more than 20.000 sales points

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